“I give Matt the best review for not only building a great website, but keeping me on track during a crazy time of year with the most polite reminders. ”

Amanda Andrews
Tamarack Hollow Farm

“Matt is straightforward, focused, calm, dedicated and competent.  Plus nice and funny. Able to do cool without being too cool. And tenacious.  Whenever there was a challenging situation -stupid website font issue, monkey-ing around with getting contacts onto monkeymail (MailChimp), and a few other odds and ends, he always seemed to find a solution.

Great follow through on Matt’s part, always available and punctual and never in a rush.  All simple things that mean a lot.”

Bren Alvarez

“When I first met Matt I didn’t even know what I needed help with, but I knew I needed help! Matt helped me figure out what it is I needed, and then he supported me throughout the process. What I appreciated most about our time together is that Matt never stopped at consultation, he always went one step beyond, and that is unique!”

Corey Richardson
Rancing Revolution

“Matt is awesome at what he does and I’d recommend him to others. In particular, I liked that he has a super broad range of knowledge and could help me with a lot of topics. He’s also much cheaper than others and I respect his approach to business.
Matt is super casual and very accommodating with my schedule. The biggest help was getting me to fly on my own.”

Teage O’Connor
Crow’s Path

“I have worked with Matt for years through both my small business, Sweet Basil Cards, and the non-profit I started, HANDS. I needed Matt’s expertise because it’s in an area that I’m not skilled.

I appreciate our working relationship for a number of reasons. Because he’s owned a small business, he understands the challenges that we each face. Matt’s responsive, competent, and communicates really well. I’m so grateful to have Matt as part of my team and you’d be lucky to have him as part of yours!”

Megan Humphrey
Hands VT and Sweet Basil Cards