You May Be…

You may be someone who has a great idea and wants to make it happen, but doesn’t want to wade through all the details of managing a small business or nonprofit alone.  You may be worried about the sheer amount of paperwork or technological know-how required of you and your business and don’t want that to interfere with what you do best.

What I Do (& What I Enjoy)

I help business owners set up and fix accounting systems, design websites, and navigate their financial planning. I enjoy playing cleanup artist with your QuickBooks file, training you to use your accounting system, and setting up easy to use websites so that you can continue to do what you do best.

Based in Shelburne, Vermont, I specialize in working with social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, food producers, artisans, and micro-businesses.  Given my multiple skill sets, I learn about your business from two perspectives — your website presence and your business plan.


For past website clients, I have:

  • Created a brand new WordPress website
  • Fixed and updated an existing WordPress website
  • Built an e-commerce platform
  • Set up and designed e-newsletters
  • Trained business owners how to maintain their own website

Why people like working with me on websites: I help business owners feel empowered through my no-nonsense, straightforward approach to creating an online presence.  I like to create simple, clean, and effective websites that business owners can manage on their own. View my portfolio.

Accounting & QuickBooks

For past clients, I have:

  • Set up new QuickBooks files for manufacturing, farming, food production, consulting, contractor, and retail businesses
  • Fixed/reconciled existing QuickBooks files
  • Developed inventory tracking systems in QuickBooks
  • Trained business owners and their employees in how to use their accounting system
  • Developed grants management systems for nonprofits
  • Organized a QuickBooks file for tax accountants
  • Created custom processes for importing data from outside of QuickBooks

Types of accounting clients include: Small business owners who want to get a handle on doing their own bookkeeping and reporting, large businesses that need help with importing data and technology support, and nonprofits that need to properly report on their program and grant budgets separately.

Business Consulting

For past business consulting clients, I have:

  • Developed “what if” tools for small businesses
  • Set up financial reports and budgets for small businesses and nonprofits
  • Coached small business owners through their business planning process
  • Created custom Excel spreadsheets for analyzing data
  • Generated reports and budget overview for Boards of Directors

Why people choose me: I have a knack for organizing information and am quick and affordable at setting up a detailed Excel spreadsheet that helps answer your questions.